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Improve the production process to simplify the assembly process connector of electronic products. It simplifies the process of batch production; Easy to repair if an electronic components failure, with a connector to be replaced quickly when the failure components; It is convenient to upgrade with the advancement of technology, with a connector can be updated components, with a new, more perfect componentsto replace the old one to improve the flexibility of design More>>
USB 2 based on the half duplex two-wire bus, can only provide one-way data transmission, while the USB 3 using a dual simplex four wire differential signalline, so support bidirectional parallel data transmission, it is full duplex bus mode, which is the key of USB3.0 transmission rate soared to reason. In addition, USB 3 also introduces new power management mechanism, supportstandby, dormancy and suspended state, so the maximum can also provideabout 900 Ma of power More>>
USB extension line of insufficient power supply solution More>>
HDMI HD line SD, HD, HD have what distinction SD, namely the standard definition, is the physical resolution below 720presolution in about 400 lines of VCD, DVD, TV programs "SD" video format.720p refers to the vertical resolution of the video for the 720 line by line scanning. HD, (English expressed High Definition) referred to as HD, physical resolutioncan reach above 720p is known as hd. Regarding HD standard, internationally recognized two: video vertical reso More>>
Common video interface: The HDM interface: HDMI can not only meet the resolution of 1080P, and can support DVD Audio and other digital audio formats, support eight 96kHz mono or stereo 192kHz digital audio transmission. More>>
Now the production of a variety of manufacturers on the market HDMI line, the price difference is very big. Little more than ten yuan, more than 10000 yuan,how to go to the us to distinguish them is good or bad, and their understanding of their quality, Chinese apple production in terms of the influence from theSyrian three point HDMI line transmission quality factor. More>>
We put the focus on the development of HDMI interface to the history of the development: "to support the HDCP agreement". HDCP is High- More>>
We first look at the history of the birth of USB3.0. USB3.0 technology is from Intel, NEC, NXP, HP semiconductor and TI (Texas Instruments) and other companies jointly developed. Published by USB-IF in 2008 November. With the USB2.0 interface specification is different, the USB3.0 interface has increased two to SuperSpeed data transmission differential signal lines, two-way - a full duplex two-way high- More>>
How to wire and cable GB and non-standard wire to distinguish, the method is as follows More>>
China's largest cable purchaser - State Grid this year summer increasedquantity bidding. The personage inside course of study expresses, improves the bidding quantity of State Grid over the past two months, especially in August. Shanghai nonferrous network data show that copper cable manufacturers capacity utilization rate at the end of 8 jumped to 78.7%, up 10 percentage points more than in July. More>>
USB 3, USB 2 promotion group jointly announced the USB specification of power, "the new USB Power Delivery" has been developed to complete, greatly enhanced the power supply capacity of the USB interface and the data line, up to a maximum of amazing 100W, USB external equipment needs auxiliary power supply trouble is expected to be completely resolved. More>>
In addition, the motherboard chip support, in mobile storage, such as U diskand mobile hard disk, USB3.0 interface equipment has a large number ofproducts available on the market, compared to previous "guy" larger USB3.0mobile hard disk, a new generation of K308 while also ensuring transmissionabout 10 times faster, but its weight only 155 grams, size can pocket size isgreatly convenient for users to carry. At the same time, K308 also comes with a three- More>>
First of all, for this problem, we can not directly answer. Because the outsidesome bad businesses in the copper inside the package on a thick layer ofcoat, wire look rough comparison, actually played a major role in the thickness of the copper inside, completely resolved from the appearance is not out.While the performance requirements of HDMI inside the thickness depends on the adopted what line number (AWG), then use what line number in most cases is based on the More>>
HDMI: high definition multimedia interface (English: High Definition MultimediaInterface, HDMI) is a digital video / audio interface technology, is specialsuitable for image transmission of digital interface, which can transmit audio and video signals at the same time, the maximum data transmission speed of 5Gbps. At the same time without the signal before transmitting analog / digitalor analog / digital conversion. HDMI can be used with high bandwidth digital conte More>>
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